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Purpose of This Site

This site is primarily intended for use by SDERA members and guests interested in streetcars and historic / heritage / vintage rail systems and to inform members of past and upcoming events.


SDERA offers links and link reciprocation to other organizations and businesses deemed appropriate and useful to its members. To be considered for a link, please send e-mail to the Webmaster with all pertinent information. The Webmaster will review all submissions to assure that the recommended site is appropriate, useful information to SDERA members, and/or contains useful information to streetcar, trolley, and historic rail system enthusiasts in general. Priority is given to sites with streetcar, trolley, and historic rail related materials due to our organization's primary goals in supporting these activities in the San Diego, CA region.

Note this Policy from our Links page: The links provided are as a courtesy for our visitors. They are operated by each organization and may change at any time. If you see a link that is not working or have one you think would be appropriate (concerning rail, streetcar, trolley, train, or local history), contact to let us know! Final determination is at the webmaster's discretion. Links to sites not related to the a topic closely related to the subjects previously listed will be automatically rejected as SPAM. Links MUST be from a website that is primarily related to these subjects. For example: a link to a train related page on a website for a widget manufacturer WILL NOT be added even if it was done as a "class project". For items like school projects, consider using Wordpress or other similar free site to post rather than a page off the company website.

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Limitation on Liability

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